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5 Shapes and Uses of a Folding Carton

A folding carton is a vital product for packaging companies. A folding carton is manufactured from paperboard by folding, cutting, printing as well as lamination. The end process of the entire creation of a folding carton is transporting the final product to manufacturers who need to use the boxes for shipping products. That is the generation of shipping boxes. These boxes have different uses that range from transportation to packaging and just storage at home. One of the interesting features of a folding carton is their ability to fit into any transport means under transit. They are then unfolded upon delivery. Folding cartons have a variety of uses depending on the shapes. Here are a few forms and applications in which folding cartons can be found:
Straight Tuck End Straight tuck end folding carton has a vertical tuck at the end just like its name. These shipping boxes have an open end featuring flaps that run perpendicular to each end. The style is most of the time used in making cho…