Tips for Essential Product Packaging Design

Most people hold the notion that packaging is often done only to protect what is inside which is a wrong perception. Despite the fact that the main purpose of packaging is to protect whatever is inside, the main objective of packaging design is to create attraction. Your package should primarily act as your product ambassador. That is why it is important to invest in a packaging design that will keep you on the edge and give you a competitive advantage whether you are selling online or offline. The following are packaging design tips that will no doubt put you on a different level.

Tip one: Understand your Customers 

When creating a package, knowing the needs of your customers is vital. It is what will motivate the type of packaging design you will come up with. For instance, if your packaging is directed towards young men of ages between 16 to 25 then it will have a great distinction compared to if you were targeting ladies aged between 35 to 45 years. This is the kind of information which should drive tour packaging design.

Tip Two: Be precise in terms of wording

When it comes to a great packaging design, simplicity is golden. You should use a few and simple words such that when a customer comes across your product they can quickly tell what it is meant for and which brand it is. You should be aware that on average a customer takes approximately 4 seconds to look at a product on the store shelve. Consequently, you should avoid verbosity and fancy fonts that can easily deter a customer’s attention. Besides, ensure that you only include relevant information about the product.

Tip Three: Try Multiple Designs 

It doesn’t matter how well a package design appears, it is always important to ensure that your customers respond to it. For that reason, you should pick several designs and put it to test with say a focus group and determine if their response is in line with your objective with the packaging design. This will also help you to make any changes that you deem necessary depending on the responses from the focus group.

Tip Four: Stay up to Date 

No design however great it is can stand the test of time. That is why you should always be on the lookout trying to find out areas of improvement for your existing packaging supplies. Do not assume that your packaging brand is perfect and doesn’t require improvement.

Tip Five: Let Perfection be your Theme always 

Creating a quick and long-lasting impression on customers does not come easy. That is why you should work day and night to ensure that you create a packaging design that is super. It should be something which creates attention of even customers who might not be interested in the product. Try to imagine yourself as a customer and think of a brand or packaging design that you can’t avoid setting eyes on.

Tip Six: Quality printing 

There’s no other way to achieve great packaging design than having the best quality material. Remember customers are always conscious of the best type of packaging. Ensure that your packaging appears of high quality and at the same time keep it within your budget. Have a packaging design that will make a customer recommend your product to other people.


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